Jinner B.V. is a development & publishing studio in the Netherlands. Founded in 2007 as a web application company, in 2010 it shifted strategy for a full focus on the mobile application market. The mission is to provide quality, fun and relaxing entertainment applications for mobile handset devices. Since 2010 Jinner has developed and published dozens of apps and in 2012 it passed 15 million mobile downloads.

All applications are made for Android based devices. Please see some of the different app stores below for our apps.

In the app stores you can find our products by one of our developer names: .

17-01-13: On the 17 of jan our game "Guess the Word" reached it's highest position, entering the Dutch TOP 5 best Android apps at position #5. It ranked higher than most popular apps like Twitter, Instagram, NU.nl, Wordfeud and even Angry Birds: http://goo.gl/sf8cs


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